Free Download Avada v7.11.3 WP Theme [100% Activated]

Free Download Avada is among the most downloaded and best-selling WordPress themes ever. Without a doubt, Avada theme Nulled is among the best multifunctional and adaptable WordPress themes available today. You can create any kind of professional or personal website using Avada Nulled without ever writing a single line of code.

The Fusion builder, a drag-and-drop web page builder, is included with this theme. The Avada theme nulled’s functionality is enhanced by the Fusion builder. It implies that you can use its 55+ builder components to create unique and creative web page layouts. Additionally, Avada offers integration with trendy plugins like Ubermenu, Wprocket, UpdraftPlus, Yoast website positioning, and the All in One website positioning pack.

You can Free Download Avada because Avada theme nulled is not safe
Free Download Avada v7.11.3 WP Theme [100% Activated] 2

The greatest demo importer theme is also included in the Avada WordPress theme nulled file. If you don’t want to spend time creating a unique template for your website, you can start your website with a few clicks by using its demo importer.

From the 45+ premade demo websites created by talented builders, you can import them with ease. Almost every industry or niche has at least one demo website available for them. The Avada theme’s flexible demo import feature also allows you to import a partial demo structure to your website, which you can modify to suit your needs and add some unique elements to. Put simply, Avada is an excellent theme for any kind of website, be it a simple weblog, a healthcare weblog, a sport weblog, a finance weblog, an eCommerce website, or any number of other niches.

Avada theme documentation can be found here: If you’re a beginner having trouble customizing the theme and are worried about the documentation of the Avada nulled WordPress theme, don’t be. You study and acquire customization skills.

WP Avada Theme: Amazing Features

  • The theme package includes six premium plugins. All set to go
  • More than 300 web page designs and 48 professionally pre-designed sites
  • Numerous personalization choices
  • Use the Fusion Builder to create unique pages and the Demo Installer to import demo content.
  • incredibly adaptable and potent theme Child-themed assistance SEO-friendly layout
  • More than fifty panels for theme customization
  • Options on the support page for improved control Option to import a partial demo
  • Gallery components to produce a stunning picture Collections Support for shortcodes
  • Support for Fusion core plugins and sliders Integrated mega menu Parallax phenomena
  • Included is the Revolution Slider + Layer Slider plugin. Two-sidebar assistance
  • Layout of up to six columns Option for an Advanced Portfolio
  • Custom 404 and Search Result Layouts with the Footer Builder
  • Personalized Archive, Portfolio, and Single Post Layouts
  • Avada’s Fusion Options: Individual and Global (2k) Multifunctional theme
  • responsive design for mobile

Free Download Avada (Changelog)

Version 7.11.3, November 11, 2023

  • NEW: The Testimonial element now has many more design choices (e.g. border, typeface, orientation, icon)
  • NEW: Added scroll and rotation options for text in the “marquee” style to the Title element
  • NEW: Added option to permit WooCommerce single product AJAX add-to-cart
  • NEW: The Avada admin bar menu now has the menu item “Reset Avada Caches”
  • NEW: Avada Forms can now use the home URL placeholder.
  • PERFORMANCE: Significantly faster conditional logic rendering for larger Avada Forms
  • IMPROVEMENT: To enable future additions, empty phrases can now be selected in the Post Cards element’s include and exclude settings.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Even with legacy widgets deactivated, the Events Calendar single event sidebar will now load.
  • IMPROVEMENT: A new configuration was added to prevent HubSpot from frequently disconnecting during server ping fluctuations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: When using the Post Cards element, the featured image of an empty category can now be loaded.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Even when the Popover element is disabled, Popover CSS styles are now loaded in the Image Hotspot element.
  • IMPROVEMENT: When loading images with aspect ratio settings in a lazy manner, a better image srcset calculation has been included.
  • UPDATED: In social icons, Twitter is now called X.
  • UPDATED: WordPress 6.4.1 compatibility
  • UPDATED: WooCommerce 8.2.2 compatibility
  • UPDATED: The Events Calendar 6.2.1 Compatibility
  • UPDATED: The GSAP and ScrollTrigger scripts are now at 3.12.2.
  • Accessibility: The product name has been added to the Cart Table element’s “Remove Item” button.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: CSS was used in place of commas to separate phrases in breadcrumbs.
  • Accessibility: The current page in menus now has the aria-current attribute added.
  • COMPATIBILITY: An extra layer of compatibility was added to Layouts so that Off-Canvas may use third-party plugins.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Resolved an issue with the Events Calendar main loop when a Post Cards element was presented before the main content, such as in a mega menu.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Resolved that when utilizing WPML, Avada Cache cleaning under Global Options only functions for the primary language.
  • Compatibility: Resolved a catastrophic error that occurred when using the WPML translation management system to translate elements from the Avada Library.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Ensuring that the WooCommerce Payment plugin’s Apple and Google Pay buttons are visible when utilizing the Woo Checkout Payment element
  • COMPATIBILITY: Resolved the issue where the layout-based checkout page and WPML caused the WooCommerce Thank You page to fail in the secondary language.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Resolved a critical issue in the backend builder caused by the Woo Cart Table element when utilizing the WooCommerce PayPal Payments and WooCommerce Subscription plugins.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Single product pages employing layouts are warning about the latest version of the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin.
  • FIXED: The homepage’s trailing separator is no longer visible in the breadcrumbs
  • FIXED: Incorrect time picker alignment in some elements
  • FIXED: Inability to reset Global Options
  • FIXED: PHP notification when the URL does not contain the $_GET variable that conditional rendering looks for
  • FIXED: When the parent menu item has a Mega Menu on desktop, the submenu dropdown arrow indicator is not shown on mobile devices.
  • FIXED: When adding a Stripe Button element to a post or page, an alert box was displayed beneath the button.
  • FIXED: The style Dario image caption was not showing up properly on mobile devices in the image carousel element.
  • FIXED: When utilizing a different Menu element in a Container for a sticky header, the Mega Menu was incorrectly aligned horizontally.
  • FIXED: Incorrect text transform of menu item that is only an icon on the desktop
  • FIXED: The Post Cards Cart element’s button spacing for variable products was off.
  • FIXED: When using the Post Card Image and Post Cards Cart elements and altering the variation, the variable product image links to the image rather than the product.
  • FIXED: When the Woo Product Grid element is used before the main loop, it causes problems because it does not reset the WooCommerce loop.
  • FIXED: The parent menu item’s incorrect spacing was caused by the WooCommerce menu cart item count.
  • FIXED: When displaying a WooCommerce product category image in a layout using dynamic data, the alt tag was incorrect.
  • FIXED: Inaccurate price dynamic data for WooCommerce occasionally
  • FIXED: When using the video facade option, the YouTube element preview thumbnail always loads in its default size.
  • FIXED: When posts or pages with quote marks in the title are added to the layout, the layout conditions are removed.
  • FIXED: A number of style problems with the Events Calendar events search bar (such as the hover color in mobile mode, the outlines, and the search icon)
  • FIXED: A number of styling problems (such as sidebar text color, link color, and quote color) on the Events Calendar single events pages
  • FIXED: When using the Event Tickets add-on, a PHP warning appeared on the Events Calendar’s individual events.
  • FIXED: If the layout condition is set to the category of the main event, Avada Layout will not be applied to recurring Events Calendar events.
  • FIXED: Contact Form 7 submission spinner not functioning
  • FIXED: bbPress notices’ incorrect alert dismissal icon
  • FIXED: The Slider Revolution “no slides found” message was caused by a missing div tag, which caused a display problem.
  • FIXED: WordPress Global Styles Render SVG Filters Deprecation Notice
  • FIXED: When using containers in mega menus, scroll sections would occasionally split incorrectly.
  • FIXED: PHP 8.3 notice about the upgrade class’s version_compare() function
  • FIXED: class-fusion-sanitize.php notice about non-numeric value encountered in PHP.
  • FIXED: The default value for the button element’s gradient hover colors was missing.
  • FIXED: When the global option uses subsets (such as typographic ones), the default value in the option description was incorrect.
  • FIXED: Layout Section bulk actions were not functioning
  • FIXED: The Backend Editor’s Order by option for the Gallery element was not working.
  • FIXED: JS error when an element in Live Editor had an image size set that was later deleted.
  • FIXED: Problems with style in Live Editor when outside parties use the jQuery UI library
  • FIXED: The Live Editor was unable to add an Avada Studio column to an empty container.
  • FIXED: The Live Editor’s Transform Origin option’s center-right position was not clickable.

WordPress Avada Theme: Demo

A demo is very important before proceeding with anything, so we also provide a demo form to check whether it is worth it or not.

Demo Website Link:

Avada Theme Download: Documentation

If you think that we will provide support for this dedicated theme, that is not possible. If you are capable of buying the official theme, then you should go with the official theme. You will get real-time updates there and with support.

Those who can’t afford this Avada theme Nulled can download it from our website without any hesitation, and if you want a new update, then come back to our website and download the updated version and upload manually.

How To Import Prebuilt Websites Using A Different Approach

Step 1: Install the plugins that are needed and advised for the premade website you wish to import. Avada Core, Avada Builder, Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, and any other listed plugins are a few examples.

Step 2: Installing and turning on the All-in-One WP Migration plugin

Step 3: A list of our pre-made website backup files is provided below. Save the backup file for your preferred alternate method on your computer.

Step 4: On your WordPress admin sidebar, select the All-in-One WP Migration > Import tab.

Step 5: Select the file by clicking the Import From button. Choose the backup file that you recently downloaded.

Step 6: After your import is complete, a warning stating that your entire site database will be overwritten will appear. To continue, click the Continue button.

Step 7: After the data import is successful, you will see a success message. Go back to the plugin page by clicking the “Close” button.

Step 8: Click Continue when the update is finished. You must use the following username and password information to log back into the WordPress admin area:

Login as admin Login with admin

Once you’re back online, you can update your username and password to reflect your own login information.

Step 9: To make sure the styles are configured correctly, navigate to Avada > Options and select Save Changes. Everything is finished!

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