Diwali Wishing Script Download Free: WordPress & Blogger 2023

Now, this is one of the things that is called the Diwali Wishing Script Download. Making money with this trick is not easy, but it is not even hard. The Diwali Script will be provided in this article and what are the pros and cons too.

Most Article Writers will say that just upload this Diwali Script and start earning bucks but that is not completely true, I will cover the maximum possibility of making money through Happy Diwali Wishing Script.

NameDiwali Wishing Script
Script TypeFree
Free or PaidFree Download
Free Download LinkClick Here

Diwali Wishing Script Pros and Cons


1. If you want to make more money then you have to add an AdSense code to earn money That feature is available, but if you don’t have Adsense then you can go to Ads Alternative then also provides amazing results

2. Other requirements will be domain and hosting but don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything for that You can simply go with Blogger and their free Hosting.

3. Then you have to paste the code that is also very simple just copy and paste.

4. Why this script is recommended, Because this doesn’t pop up for the name first like for example if you can see this image

Diwali Wishing Script Download
Diwali Wishing Script Download Free: WordPress & Blogger 2023 9

Don’t you think that this is so annoying First you have to enter your name then so on.


1. There are no more cons but One, that is, If you use Free Domain and Hosting then the URL will become quite significant.

to resolve this, you can purchase cheap domains like .site, .xyz, .pro, etc.

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How to Upload Diwali Wishing Script Download on WordPress

To upload this on your WordPress, You have to follow some instructions, Let’s Start.

Now, There are two Condition

One is that you have to upload this Diwali Script directly to your Main Domain

Second is that you want to upload this on your other directly like bold texted www.yourdomain.com/example

If you ask me, then I would suggest you go with the second one, because there you can upload multiple scripts and make more money. As you can check the demo, in the same domain I uploaded multiple scripts

Now, begin with uploading the Diwali Script on WordPress First log in to your “Cpanel

In the Cpanel Search “File manager” in the search bar.

Click on “File Manager” then it will redirect you there,

Diwali Wishing Script Download

Then You will see “Public_html” then click on this,

Diwali Wishing Script Download
Diwali Wishing Script Download Free: WordPress & Blogger 2023 10

In the Public_html, You have to create a “Folder” and name it whatever you want, I wrote “diwali-wish” Note this “Diwali-Wish” is not equal to “diwali-wish“, you have to take care of capitalization.

Diwali Wishing Script Download
Diwali Wishing Script Download Free: WordPress & Blogger 2023 11

Then go inside the folder that you created right now, In my case I will go “diwali-wish“,

Diwali Wishing Script Download
Diwali Wishing Script Download Free: WordPress & Blogger 2023 12

Here comes the last step, You have to upload the HTML file that we have provided, To upload the file you will find “Upload” at the top, and then it will redirect to the new page.

Diwali Wishing Script Download

Upload the file here then wait until that upload loader didnt reach 100% and blue to green.

Diwali Wishing Script6 edited

Diwali Script
Diwali Wishing Script Download Free: WordPress & Blogger 2023 13

then go back to the directory then change the file name “Diwali Wishing Script by Zeyrishop.html” to “index.html

Last search your URL in my case it was www.wishingg.site/diwali-wish in your case it would be www.yourdomain.com/diwali-wish

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How to Upload Diwali Script on Blogger

STEP #1. Download Wishing Script

First of all, you need a ready Wishing Script for your website. I have already given the download link above. If you still have not downloaded it, please download it from the below link.

STEP #2. Create a Blogger Account

  • Just Go to Blogger.com
  • Sign in with your Gmail Account.

STEP #3 Login to your Blogger Admin > Create a New Blog

Diwali Wishing Script Download blogger

STEP #4. Then go to Theme > Select any Theme. and click Apply

STEP #5. Go Down and Click on “Revert to the classic theme”

STEP #6. Change “Change NavBar” to “OFF”

Diwali Wishing Script Download blogger

STEP #7. Select All Code [Ctrl+A] inside the “Edit Theme HTML” box and Delete.

STEP #8. Go to the Downloaded file [GIven Above]. Select All Code [Ctrl+A] and Copy all code [Ctrl+C]

STEP #9. Paste The Code [Ctrl+V] in the “Edit Theme HTML” box and Click “Save Theme”

STEP #10. Now Click on “View Blog” and See The Magic. Your Wishing Script website is READY.


Is It Safe to Use This Script?

Yes, It is safe to use.

Why this Diwali Script Only?

Because its UI looks amazing.

Is it Free to download?

Yes, it is free.

How many websites can be used with this Script?


Will Website Speed be Affected?

No, We are adding HTML code, This will even load fast.

Direct Download of Happy Diwali Wishing Script

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