Blocksy PRO Agency Plan v1.9.11 [Activated]

If you want a professional-looking theme, Blocksy PRO Free Download can fulfill your desire. It is not a Blocksy PRO Nulled; it is pure GPL, and you can use it without any errors.

Believe me, this theme is going viral now, and the features are also amazing. We will be covering most of the different features of the Blocksy PRO Theme.

One feature I want to share now is that this theme uses so many things, but the loading time is also amazing or has not decreased.

Don’t try to be fooled by downloading the wrong or Blocksy PRO Nulled Theme; download the one that we will provide you.

NameBlocksy PRO Free Download Agency Plan
Plugin TypePremium Type
Free or PaidFree Download
ProvidesFast Loading, Great Looks and Features
Free Download LinkClick Here
Blocksy PRO Free Download Agency Plan Review
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Blocksy PRO theme Download Features

This theme is growing fast, and they already have 100,000+ Active installations, but that is a free theme. If you want to be a Pro member of Blocksy Pro then you can download it by our website free of charge.

Our goal is to not release any pirated version. If it is a pure GPL version, you can use it without hesitation.

If you thinking about virus in the file, then for that, I will recommend you go on VirusTotal Website to check whether there is a virus or not Besides, our mission is to help bloggers who are starting their blogging journey but are not able to purchase those Pro or Premium Themes and Plugins.

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Blocksy PRO Free Download Top Features

Enhanced Header Builder

On most websites, even every website, you have seen that they use the same header or navigation bar on all pages.

You can customize it without installing any external plugins, like if you have a landing page, then you can change the navigation bar or header separately. That is insane.

That will increase your engagement with the website and increase your bounce rate too.

Header Pro Elements

This feature is also amazing if you want to add more headers, like the address and phone number, and they will provide elements to add those features, like this:

Blocksy PRO Free Download header and contact

You can add extra buttons on the corner of the page: Language switcher, Widgets, Desktop menu drawer, and search box

Content Blocks (Hooks)

If you think that you theme is good but you want to add something more in-between to you page, you can do it separately; you just have to add some code and you are good to go That feature is also insane

You can add these as content blocks: User role conditions, Set expiration time, Set block position, Create custom 404 page, Create a custom header and a custom footer.

Advanced Menu

You can create your own gorgeous dropdown menu and you can add icons to your menu Besides, you add your content Blocks as the place of the menu, and with this, you can Use Blocksy’s advanced style options to get each item from your menus styled individually to appeal to your taste.

Custom Fonts

You can use any number of custom fonts you like with all of Blocksy’s typography options. Advanced features like changing typefaces and variety customizations are included.

  • Add as many WOFF fonts as you like.
  • Create unique iterations for each font.
  • For flexible weights, use variable fonts.

Google Local Fonts

By removing Google Fonts from your server, you may adhere to GDPR regulations. Choose the fonts you require, and Blocksy will take care of the rest.

  • Use only Google fonts you need
  • Stay compliant with GDPR rules
  • Don’t depend on Google servers

Adobe Typekit

You can easily integrate your Adobe Fonts kit into Blocksy. You can easily access the typefaces in your kit by just pasting your kit ID.

  • Load Adobe Typekit kits
  • Ease of access in customizer
  • Integrated with page builders

Custom Sidebars

You can create your own custom sidebar, like if you want side like GenereatePress, or evrn better than this then you can create this also.

You can create multiple sidebar at the samwe time with Blocksy’s intuitive UI from the place where you managing widgets.

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Blocksy PRO Free Download Documetation

If you think that you can update fom the theme that is not possible, we are helping for those, eho are not able toor not have budget to buy this theme, if you can purchase Blocksy PRO then you should go becuse there tou will be live update and live support for Blocksy PRO review.

Dont use old version because you website can be hacked, so if you see update then come agian to our website and download new updated version of Blocksy PRO Free Download then upadte manyu


What is Blocksy PRO?

It is the Premium version of Blocksy Theme that provide amazing feature.

Can I use Blocksy PRO for free?

Technically, yes. You can use this free of charge if you want to.

Is It Safe To Use?

Yes, this is pure safety.

Blocksy PRO Free Download Safe?

Yes, it is safe.

How many websites can be added to Blocksy PRO Free Download?

Unlimited! As much as you can.

Is Blocksy PRO Free Download load Fast?

Yes, It comes under the Fastest WordPress Theme category.

Blocksy PRO Free Download Direct Link

Blocksy PRO Agency Plan v1.9.5

Blocksy PRO Agency Plan v1.9.6

Blocksy PRO Agency Plan v1.9.7

Blocksy PRO Agency Plan v1.9.8

Blocksy PRO Agency Plan v1.9.11 (Latest Version)

Installation Guide: Install Blocksy companion premium as a plugin.

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